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Mango Black

“He La Maika’i!   A beautiful Hawaiian Summer day in Hawaii is all the more sweet with Hawaiian Mango.  A Hula girl’s favorite summer treat, this fragrant Black Tea infused with  Mango flavor is refreshingly ‘ono (delicious) either iced or a great warm start to your day in the morning.  The mango lends a sweet fragrance to this black tea.”

 Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Flavoring

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 “Living in beautiful Ka’ohao (Lanikai) in one of the few original homes built in 1936, my husband and I share a yard filled with hibiscus and pikake flowers and like many other local people, enjoy fresh mangoes from our neighbors and friends every summer. Wanting to share the beauty of the nature surrounding our home, I created a Hibiscus Tea, Pikake Green Tea and Mango Black Tea recipes for my hula students, family and friends who come to our home…and now for everyone to enjoy!”  -Malia, Hula Hula

Inspired by the finest flavors Hawaii has to offer, we hope you enjoy our Pikake Green Tea, Mango Black Tea & Hibiscus Iced Teas!  Honoring our Hawaiian roots, we’ve created these teas to honor the local flavors of Hawaii.

Preparation Instructions

 Bring freshly drawn cold water to a soft boil. Use one tea bag per cup of water.  Pour boiling water into a tea cup and let steep for 3-5 minutes.

For Iced Tea, follow the directions above, then add ice to your tea.


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